Toilets construction in the village under Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan

Khanpur village has very poor sanitation facilities. Most of the village’s sewage goes through open drains which get flooded during rains. The people of the village go to the fields to defecate. This creates problems of hygiene and leads to spread of diseases. The lack of toilets is especially unsafe for women and women have to wait until darkness to relieve themselves. Households which do have a working toilet are also left unused by many people since people find it convenient and comfortable to defecate in the open.

Seeing the problems faced due to lack of toilets and the unhygienic condition of the village we set up a public toilet in the village as a pilot project. The toilet is set up in a location where people had no toilet facilities in their houses and the health of the people was at risk. It is built for ease of use, is convenient to clean and is designed for rural people specifically, keeping in mind the needs of the villagers who find it uncomfortable to use toilets. It has toilet facilities for both males and females. It covers approximately about 50 households serving about 140 people.

The response of the villagers to a public toilet in their village has been very positive and has led to better awareness of sanitation and hygiene among the villagers. We hope to construct many more such toilets as part of our Swatch Bharat Mission.